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ANZAC Heritage

You might meet a war veteran and learn about Australians and New Zealanders who fought in past wars.

Attending an ANZAC ceremony will take on a whole new meaning for you. We can learn from their bravery and we will never forget them.

Caring for Animals

Caring-for-AnimalsYou need to choose your pet very carefully and to know how to shelter, feed, exercise and groom it.

You’ll even know how to help your pet when it is sick or in need of extra care.

Casualty Simulation

Casualty-SimulationYou’ll learn how makeup is used to create wounds and injuries that look real—your friends won’t know the difference!

You might even be able to use this new skill at the next Junior First Aid competition to make the patients look more realistic.

Child Care

Child-CareIf you have a younger brother or sister you might be asked to care for them from time to time.

You will learn how to care for a newborn baby, watch how they develop and how to make your house safe for young children.

Computer Studies

Computer-StudiesWe use computers almost every day, so it’s important to learn how to use them well and safely. You will learn how to use the Internet and how to prevent viruses.

There are also useful tips on the best way to respond to different kinds of communication—such as emails.

Cookery and Nutrition

Cookery-and-NutritionTime to explore the kitchen and have fun preparing food in a clean, healthy and yummy way.

You’ll explore the different food groups, good eating, wise shopping and food safety. Try out your cooking skills as well!


CyclingCycling is fun but it’s more than just pedalling! You’ll learn about protecting yourself, road safety, the parts of a bike and regular maintenance.

You may even go for some rides and write notes about your experiences.


EnvironmentWe only have one planet and it needs our care and attention. You’ll learn how we can help in many ways.

Knowing about climate change, alternative energy, recycling, animal and plant welfare is part of the solution. Become an environmental hero.

Eye Health

Eye-HealthLearning about our eyes is very interesting. Understanding how the eye works and how to avoid damage to the eye are included.
You can learn some basic Braille and how to help vision-impaired people move about safely.

Family Care

Family-CareThere’ll be times when a sick member of the family will need your help. Will you be ready to perform some simple tasks?

This badge will teach you how to care for a sick member of the family—helping with medicines, taking temperature, preparing meals, avoiding infection, making beds and much, much more.

Fire Safety

Fire-SafetyBecome a fire prevention hero in your own home. Learn about fires and how they can be prevented.

You will draw up your own checklist and fire safety plan and learn what to do if a fire occurs at home. You might even visit the local fire station and learn how fire fighters protect themselves.


HandicraftsYou can make your own home-made gifts by using handicraft skills. You’ll be able to prove how talented you are—cutting and shaping, painting and presenting all kinds of wonderful pieces of handicraft: baskets, paper flowers, masks, potato stamps and more. It’s time for your artistic skills to  shine!

Health Care

Health-CareLet’s make the most of life—with fit and healthy bodies. You’ll explore your body systems, learn about food and fitness, healthy and harmful drugs, and hygiene.

Your body will thank you forever as you pursue a happy and healthy life!

Home Craft

Home-CraftHere’s a chance to start up a vegetable garden at home. You can also decide your own colour scheme for your bedroom.

You will learn about household appliances and problems with poor food handling. You can save energy by designing a low-carbon home and recycling rubbish.

Knowledge of the Order

Knowledge-of-the-OrderThe work of St John is inspired by the service of the ancient Knights who nursed the sick and injured around 1000 years ago.

You’ll learn about the knights and what they did in places like Jerusalem, Rhodes and Malta. The design of the St John Cross is explained and the story of the growth of St John in Australia is told.

Personal Safety

Personal-SafetyIt is important that you feel safe at all times. Learn about the best ways to keep yourself safe. Know about your own feelings and the importance of personal space.

You will learn how to make an emergency call, the difference between good and bad secrets, and learn how to deal with bullying.

Road Safety

Road-SafetyRoad safety saves lives. You’ll learn about our road rules and road signs.

There are ways passengers can make things easier and safer for drivers. Explore the causes of road crashes and how they can be prevented.


SportsSports should be a part of life for every fit and healthy person. You’ll explore a vast range of sport and recreational activities while having fun.

Learn about personal protection and first aid for sports injuries. Learn more about your favourite sports heroes.

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